Xanthe is Greek, but I'm not. My parents are Bob and Kathleen. Originally from Indiana, they migrated westward in search of better things. That was around 1971. I came as a surprise in 1978. They found my name in a baby book. On a bad day it means "yellow" and on a good day it means "golden."

I’m obsessed with design and as of late, yoga. My favorite word is perspicacious, although I admittedly overuse the words "wow," "rad," and "dope." There simply aren't enough words in the English language to express enthusiasm. My favorite car is the ‘69 Dodge Charger and I have a half-pit, half-lab named Coco that I love very much.

An Art Director by trade, I'm a Creative Director, at TBWAChiatDay Los Angeles where I work on Pepsi, Bare Escentuals and Stacy's Chips. I've also worked on ESPN, Budweiser, Playstation, Visa, Hillshire Farm and a number of design projects for celebrity clients. I was born and raised in the heart of San Francisco but now I live in Culver City.

I was recently married and am now going by my married name Xanthe Wells (formerly Xanthe Hohalek).