I was lucky enough to cut my teeth at Ground Zero under the direction of Court Crandall working on ESPN. Not a bad first gig. And I was equally lucky to be partnered with Sean Vij. http://www.seanvij.com/

We did this series of spots with Steven Diller out of MJZ.

"Dollhouse" (:30)

"Crossword" (:30)

"Mower" (:30)

"Laundry" (:30)

"ESPN.com" Trade campaign
We needed to show advertisers where they could find the men they were after: ESPN.com.

"X Games X is coming to LA"

My first job out of school was working on X Games. It was the most exciting thing to see the work go up on the Hotel Fig!

"LAX" (:30)
Directed by Jacobs Briere

"Getting There" (:30)